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Illustration by Wylie Beckert: ghostly hands rise from the dark water and give a jar holding a glowing scarab to a young girl in medieval garb. Illustration by Wylie Beckert: an oil painting depicting the legend of Tam Lin.

Illustration by Wylie Beckert for the ArtOrder Artists Series: a jaguar woman and a deer woman battling in a swirling, abstract fantasy setting. Artist Wylie Beckert's illustration for Alice in Wonderland, for Y&R Beijing's Penguin Audiobooks ad campaign (winner of the 2014 Cannes Gold Lion). Illustration by artist Wylie Beckert - a girl journeys into the world inside a Magic: The Gathering card.

Wylie Beckert's illustration for Cold Wind from Illustration Master Class 2014: a jaguar shapeshifter hunts a deer woman, trailing drapery and animal skulls.    Illustration by artist Wylie Beckert: an old woman, her cat, and an urn of ashes are transported through the valley of death on the shell of a giant snail - for the 69 Love Songs challenge at Month of Love.    Illustration by artist Wylie Beckert - a girl stands in the ocean, summoning spectral fish on a conch flute.    Book cover art by illustrator Wylie Beckert - an inuit girl in victorian steampunk dress and a fur cloak holding a dagger over a cobblestone street on which a glowing spirit wolf walks among the gaslights.    Illustration by artist Wylie Beckert: an oil painting inspired by sisters Sansa and Arya from Game of Thrones.